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Time And Chaos, Лучший персональный органайзер, contact manager
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Chaos Software Time And Chaos

описание: Мощный менеджер персональной информации (PIM). В программу входит планировщик заданий, календарь, дневник, записная книжка, телефонная записная книжка с возможностью автоматического дозвона до абонента. Есть возможность отправлять и получать факсы и электронную почту через Microsoft Exchange, распечатать все хранящиеся документы в текстовом или HTML-формате. Time & Chaos может быть интегрирован с Microsoft Word и Microsoft Excel, работать с аналогичными программами для PDA и обычными электроными организаторами.

Time & Chaos is our award-winning contact manager and has been around now for almost twenty-five years! Our longevity is due to our mix of an easy to use but powerful address book of contacts, appointment schedule, to do task management and projects.

Time And Chaos is a great choice if you need all the contact management but not the email features added to Intellect. Time & Chaos works great for individuals or shared workgroups on networks.

Home: chaossoftware.com

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Группа: СуперМодераторы

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Группа: Администраторы

Сообщений: 14.153
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Цитата | Quote(Time And Chaos)

    fixed a bug in the import tool under the file menu that was injected with the last update that would prevent the importing of data.
    added a delete confirmation dialog on the Quickfind screen.
    added a fix when importing transportable records of old daytitles so that they do not convert to local time
    appointment location now fills in automatically when dropping a contact into the appointment window
    new option to turn on/off leading trailing dates on monthly calendar printout, located on the Print Options Tweaks tab.
    fixed a minor selection issue with calendar, tasks on classic view to display linked names when multiselecting records
    export to csv file works with selected records rather than the whole list.

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