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HTTP Analyzer Full 7.6.4, Просмотр HTTP/HTTPS в реальном времени.
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HTTP Analyzer Full

Просмотр HTTP/HTTPS в реальном времени.
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HTTP Analyzer Full Edition is a utility that allows you to capture HTTP/HTTPS traffic in real-time. It displays a wide range of information, including Header, Content, Cookies, Query Strings, Post data, Request and Response Stream, redirection URLs and more. It also provides cache information and session clearing, as well as HTTP status code information and several filtering options. A useful developer tool for performance analysis, debugging and diagnostics.
Main Features HTTP Analyzer Full
* Integrate with IE, capture HTTP traffic directly in browser window (IE Add-in Edition)
* Dedicated to HTTP protocol ,show a wide range of HTTP related information, request and response header, content, sent and received cookies, stream, query strings, post form values...
* Displays Winsock traffic originating from Java applets and javascript embedded in a Web page (Standard EXE Edition Only)
* Displays Winsock traffic originating from ActiveX controls and COM objects instanced by an application (Standard EXE Edition Only)
* "Before request and after response" browser cache comparisons

* View text and image based content. View HTML files in a separate browser page.
* Support HTTPS, show you unencrypted data sent over HTTPS / SSL connections
* Organize HTTP/HTTPS Information into sessions for easy identification of requests and responses
* Selectively clear caches and cookies which are related with HTTP/HTTPS sessions
* MS Excel® style data filtering, customize filter criteria against any data item
* Automatic click-sorting against an unlimited number of columns, descending or ascending
* Automatic data grouping - an extremely powerful data viewing and manipulation metaphor
* Automatic runtime column selection - easily customize the columns visible on-screen with intuitive drag and drop
* HTML,CSS, javascript, color syntax highlighting
* Instant help on HTTP status code
* Export Grid to XML, MS Excel®, HTML, Text
* Easy to install and require no reboot. It doesn't change your Windows system files and no device drivers or proxies have to be installed
* Support IE7 Beta1
* HTTPS is available if the application uses the Microsoft WININET API (ex. ie, outlook) or Mozilla NSS API. (ex. firefox, thunderbird) New

HTTP Analyzer Full Edition - позволяет просматривать данные передаваемые HTTP/HTTPS в реальном времени (headers, GET, POST, Cookies, Content, Query Strings, Post data, Request и Response Stream, redirection URLs). Имеет дополнительные опции, позвоялющие настроить фильтры. Eсть возможность кеширования и очистки сессии.

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HTTP Analyzer Full Edition

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HTTP Analyzer Full Edition

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HTTP Analyzer Full + crack (key)