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BookCAT 10.25, ведение каталога домашней библиотеки, database program
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описание (rus) BookCAT Программа для создания и ведения каталога цифровых книг в форматах *.pdf, *.etd, *.lit, *.htm, *.html, *.doc и *.txt.

description (eng) BookCAT is a powerful database program designed specifically to maintain an inventory of your book collection. BookCAT is used by book-lovers, schools, churches, clubs, and business libraries.
Store information about an unlimited number of books.
Save time: Download book data from the Internet.
Adapt the program to your own needs: Change the data field names to suit your personal preferences. Hide data fields you don’t need. Specify your own categories.
Comprehensive set of data fields enabling you to catalog a wide range of information: author, title, publisher, ISBN number, publish date, number of pages, editor, original title, translator, binding, edition, type of book (fiction, non-fiction, etc.), category and sub-category, purchase date and price, current value, condition, status (own, want, for sale), personal rating, owner, location, keywords, awards and nominations, comments, synopsis, and reviews.
More than 30 custom data fields (in case we have missed something).
Store book covers, as well as pictures of authors.
Find information quickly: Search in all fields with any combination of key words and operators (and, or, etc.).
Sort data by any field with up to five sort levels.
Create your own reports with exactly the layout you want, or use one of the more than 80 pre-defined reports.
Keep track of books on loan. Check the program periodically to see what is still out on loan. You will always know who has what and since when.
MS Access database format.

Interface languages: En, Ru
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
Homepage: fnprg.com
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BookCAT v8.20

Link [7.43 MB]

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К сожалению, ни по одной из ссылок не удалось ничего скачать. Буду очень признательна, если кто-нибудь выложит последню работающую версию с кряком (с убранным лимитом на 40 записей). Спасибо.

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FNProgramvare BookCAT v8.21.00.3 7,6 mb (incl. keygen)

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Андриянов, спасибо Вам большое за помощь, но к сожалению кейген из 8 поста не убирает ограничение демо-версии (остается лимит на 40 записей).

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BookCAT 10.25 Portable + crack (full)

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ОС: XP-10 x86\x64