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PDF Studio Pro 12 0.6, Программа для работы с PDF файлами, PDF doc Studio pro
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Qoppa PDF Studio Professional

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PDF Studio - мощное приложение для работы с PDF. Позволяет редактировать PDF-файлы, сканировать и распознавать тексты, добавлять комментарии, аннотации и звуковое сопровождение, оформлять тексты, менять настройки доступа, заполнять формы, ставить логотипы и печати, вставлять/удалять страницы и многое другое. Обеспечивает полную совместимость с форматом PDF и представляет собой полноценную замену Adobe Acrobat.

PDF Studio is an easy to use, yet powerful program to stamp PDF documents with text and images as well as perform splitting and merging functions on existing PDF files. Stamps are automatically saved in PDF Studio for easy automation of common revisions to PDF document. Additionally, stamps can be grouped and applied to a document with a single click to automate more complex document actions.

PDF Studio 12 Pro uses Qoppa's proprietary technology to view and modify PDF files so there is no need to purchase Adobe Acrobat or any other software to start using PDF Studio. Simply download, install and start working with PDF files immediately.

PDF Studio 12 is a standalone application to work with PDF files. If you are looking to integrate these functions into a Java application, please take a look at jPDFProcess, our Java library to provide these functions.

Key Features of Qoppa PDF Studio Professional 12 Are:
Powerful, intuitive user interface.
Text stamps to add any text to pages, including titles, watermarks, page numbers and more.
Image stamps to add any image to any page.
PDF stamps to perform splitting, merging and page extraction.
Works with encrypted files.
Save stamps for reuse.
No need for Adobe Acrobat or any other software.
Platform independent, runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and more.

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PDF Studio 12 0.6 Pro + crack (licence)

Цитата | Quote( PDF Studio Pro 12 )
Features in Version 12

    New! PDF Studio Viewer Edition (Free / Viewer Only)
    Search Text across Multiple PDFs
    Scanning Configurations (Windows & Mac)
    Microsoft Excel to PDF Conversion
    Send to Word (Windows Only Integration with MS Office) (Pro)
    Page Labels (Pro)
    Advanced Imposition (Pro)
    Resize Pages (Pro)
    4K High Resolution Display Support
    Annotations Rich Text & Multi-Language Support
    Improved PDF Optimizer with Audit & Results (Pro)

Other Enhancements

    New variables for bookmarks and page labels to be used in for watermarks, headers/footers, as well as rubber stamp annotations
    Ability to compress object streams in optimizer  (Pro)
    Dynamic field renaming feature  (Pro)
    Many internal bugs & fixes

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