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EndNote X9, ведем реферативные ссылки и библиографию
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описание (rus) EndNote - самая популярная программа для поиска on-line библиографических ссылок в различных базах данных библиотек и научных заведений мира. EndNote отличный инструмент в руках научного работника, инже-нера, изобретателя, библиографа, студента и просто увлеченного человека. Данная программа просто незаменима при написании научных работ и диссертаций а также при поиске библиографических данных книг, научных журналов и статей. EndNote позволяет вести поиск по самому широкому спектру представленных Вами данных. Имея данную программу и подключение к Интернету, Вам больше не надо выискивать часами названия книг или точные библиографические данные в пыльных каталогах библиотек.

description (eng) EndNote is a commercial reference management software package, used to manage bibliographies and references when writing essays and articles. It is produced by Clarivate Analytics (previously by Thomson Reuters).
EndNote groups citations into "libraries" with the file extension *.enl and a corresponding *.data folder.

There are several ways to add a reference to a library: manually, or by exporting, importing, copying from another EndNote library, or connecting from EndNote. The program presents the user with a window containing a dropdown menu from which to select the type of reference they require (e.g., book, congressional legislation, film, newspaper article, etc.), and fields ranging from the general (author, title, year) to those specific to the kind of reference (abstract, author, ISBN, running time, etc.)

Most bibliographic databases allow users to export references to their EndNote libraries. This enables the user to select multiple citations and saves the user from having to manually enter the citation information and the abstracts. Some databases (e.g., PubMed) requires the user to select citations, select a specific format, and save them as .txt files. The user can then import the citations into the EndNote software. It is also possible to search library catalogs and free databases, such as PubMed, from within the EndNote software program itself.

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
Homepage: endnote.com
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EndNote X8 1 + crack (License)

Цитата | Quote( EndNote X8.1 )
EndNote X8.1 for Windows®

Released September 12, 2017

This update contains the following:
1. Revised and updated bibliographic style, online search and import filter files.
2. Proxy support for online search.
3. Improved Full Text performance with restored:
    a. Retrieval from IEEE Xplore.
    b. Ability for users to connect to their library's catalog with a SFX OpenURL resolver.
4. Automatically merge updates to unsaved references when syncing.
5. Restored ability to scroll in Connection Status window.
6. Sync updates and improvements.
7. Improved visibility of PDF search field for Windows 10 users

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EndNote X9 Build 12062 + crack (cracked)

Цитата | Quote( EndNote 9 )
The newest version of EndNote X9. If you have X8 or earlier. If you have X9 and need to download it again.

таблетка в комплекте

Не работает ссылка? Пишите в теме, обновим :)! Link is not working? Write in the subject line!

Трудно найти слова, когда действительно есть что сказать. Э.М. Ремарк