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FixInsight 2017, анализатор Делфи, analysis tool Delphi, crack, keygen, serial, reg
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TMS FixInsight

FixInsight - статический анализатор, позволяющий находить потенциально проблемные места в коде на Delphi.
Например, вот такой нездоровый код, когда некто оставил пустым блок except будет найден автоматически:


TMS FixInsight - Code analysis tool for Delphi developers that detects issues in Delphi source code.

Feature overview
FixInsight performs static code analysis to help you find bugs early in the development process:
Identify potential errors and oddities
Produce a list of warnings when issues are found
Check your code for coding convention compliance (list of code patterns handled by FixInsight can be found in the documentation)
Exclude specific units from analysis by entering their names in the Settings window
Suppress particular warnings

Reduce the number of bugs early in the development stage
Reduce overall costs of development, maintenance and support
Improve application reliability and quality

How It Works
FixInsight seamlessly integrates into your Delphi IDE and outputs its messages in the familiar Messages window.
You can integrate FixInsight (Pro version only) with your build process using the command-line tool and have several options that will let you run analysis automatically during the build process.

for Delphi 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, XE, XE2, XE3, XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8, 10 Seattle, 10.1 Berlin, 10.2 Tokyo (Prof/Enterprise/Architect)

Homepage: tmssoftware.com
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