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Simple Duplicate Finder 1.1.8, удаление дубликатов файлов, find and remove duplicates
Дата публикации: 07.11.2017 - 15:25

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Simple Duplicate Finder

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описание (rus) Simple Duplicate Finder простая в использовании программа, предназначенная для обнаружения и удаления дубликатов фотографий, аудиозаписей и файлов. Достаточно указать нужный каталог и нажать кнопку "Start Scan" - программа произведёт сканирование папки и отобразит найденные дубликаты файлов, после чего их можно удалить. Есть различного рода фильтры: по расширению файлов, размеру, дате созданию.

description (eng) Simple Duplicate Finder Quickly scan your computer for duplicate items and remove them in order to save up space by using this simple and intuitive software utility
Simple Duplicate Finder is an advanced yet novice-friendly application which is meant to help users analyze the contents of their PC and learn if there are any duplicate files that are consuming valuable disk space for no good reason.
Intuitive and accessible usage
The program is quite straightforward and easy handle from the first run, featuring a clear-cut graphical interface which makes it quite approachable even for the less knowledgeable of users.
At the same time, the more advanced individuals will certainly appreciate the amount of filters that they have at their disposal, as this can considerably reduce the time they spend looking for duplicates, by swiftly identifying the copies and removing them.

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit) + Microsoft .Net 4
Homepage: simpleduplicatefinder.com
скачать бесплатно / free download Simple Duplicate Finder 1.1.8 + crack (patch) ~ 2.2 Mb

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