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FastStone Capture 9.2, Делаем скриншоты, capture tool and screen video
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FastStone Capture
FastStone Capture - мощная утилита снимка экрана. Она позволяет захватить любое изображение на Вашем экране. Вы можете отредактировать скриншот, изменить размеры, корректировать цвета ваших скриншотов. Всё это делается очень легко. Поддерживаются главные графические форматы , BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, ICO и TGA.

FastStone Capture is a powerful, lightweight, yet full-featured screen capture tool and screen video recorder. It allows you to easily capture and annotate anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen, rectangular / freehand / fixed regions as well as scrolling windows / web pages. It also allows you to record all screen activities including onscreen changes, speech from microphone, mouse movements and clicks into highly compressed video files. You can choose to send captures to editor, file, clipboard, printer, email, Word / PowerPoint document or upload them to your website. Editing tools include annotating (texts, arrowed lines, highlights), resizing, cropping, sharpening, watermarking, applying edge effects and many more. Other features include image scanning, global hotkeys, automatic filename generation, support for external editors, a color picker, a screen magnifier, a screen crosshair and a screen ruler.
FastStone Capture saves images in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF and PDF formats. Built-in screen recorder saves videos in WMV (Windows Media Video) format.

Сайт программы faststonesoft.org
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Setup + Portable

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FastStone Capture 8.1 Final + Portable + Rus

Группа: Модераторы

Сообщений: 8.538
FastStone Capture 8.2 Final Portable Rus

-Minor improvements and bug fixes


серийник в архиве

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FastStone Capture v8.3 [Ru/En] Final + Portable

7,1 Мб
Скачать: _http://www97.zippysha...IJnj/file.html

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FastStone Capture 8.5 RUS Portable

Version 8.5 (May 08, 2017)
Enhanced rendering quality of annotations in Draw tool
Added 4 different dash styles to lines in Draw tool
Added 4 resizing handles to the corners of captured images
Added a sub-menu under the Open button in Editor for fast access to recent files
Optimized video recorder for better CPU utilization
Improved support for high-resolution monitors
Other improvements and bug fixes

Version 8.4 (January 14, 2016)
Added support for high-DPI/high-resolution/4K monitors
Added a tool called Screen Focus, which helps you stay focused on the task under the mouse pointer by dimming the rest of the screen
Added an option to show file names to the output of the "Join Images Side by Side" tool
Added "Adjust Lighting" to the Colors menu
Enhanced the Resize tool so you can resize the image based on pixels or percentage
Enhanced the Screen Color Picker. Now you can:
Press Space/+/- key to zoom in/out. Picking a color from an enlarged image is easier
Specify prefix and suffix to customize the format of RGB, Dec and Hex values
Enhanced the "Acquire Images from Scanner" tool by allowing you to adjust the colors and lighting of scanned images
Other improvements and bug fixes

3,3 mb

Группа: Модераторы

Сообщений: 10.828
FastStone Capture 8.6 + Portable + RUS

Version 8.6 (August 23, 2017)
Added an audio indicator to Screen Recorder
Added resizing handles to the "Acquire Images from Scanner" tool
Standard sizes for fixed-size region are customizable
Converts multi-page TIFF file to PDF file
Improved support for 4K monitors
Other improvements and bug fixes

setup 3,1 mb

portable 4,9 mb

rus 902 kb

Твой софтовый форум

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Сообщений: 10.828
FastStone Capture 8.7 RUS Portable

Руссификация от Silent Group Translations

Version 8.7 (November 28, 2017)
Enhanced the Draw tool, now you can:
Draw curved text
Insert text along a curved line (Right-click on the line and select "Insert Text")
Draw fancy lines (10 styles)
Apply an Outline effect to lines, rectangles and ellipses
Added an option (Use @ in file name template) to generate random characters (0-9,a-z,A-Z) in file names. See "File Name" tab in the Settings
Other minor improvements and bug fixes


Группа: Модераторы

Сообщений: 8.538
FastStone Capture 8.8 RUS Portable

Enhanced Draw tool by adding:
-Oval Text Box
-3 options (Rectangle, Round Corners and Oval) for Highlighter
-Preset colors for all annotation objects
-Added "Delay before Capture" option to Capture Panel. A delay timer can be used to capture drop-down/pop-up menus
-Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Группа: Модераторы

Сообщений: 8.538
FastStone Capture v9.1 + Rus

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Portable RU + Eng

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FastStone Capture 9.2 + crack (keygen)

Цитата | Quote(FastStone Capture)
    Enhanced Draw tools
        Added a Border option to Highlighter
        Added a Highlight option to Magnifier
        Added left/right click option when Mouse Pointer inserted
        Smoother Pencil and enhanced L-Line
        Draw tools load faster
    Added Classic Skin option to Editor under its Settings menu
    Added a new method (by entering diagonal length of screen) to calibrate Screen Ruler
    Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Setup + Portable

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