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AlwaysUp 11.8, приложения как Системные службы, Application to Service
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Программа, позволяющая запускать приложения как сервисы (службы) Windows, что позволяет осуществлять 100% управление и мониторинг. Очень полезная вещь для продвинутых юзеров.

AlwaysUp runs your executable, batch file, or shortcut as a Windows Service, managing and monitoring it constantly to ensure 100% uptime. It will automatically restart your application if it crashes, hangs, or grows too large, dismiss "Application error" dialogs, and run customized "sanity checks" to ensure that your application is available 24/7. Regular, detailed email from AlwaysUp will keep you abreast of crashes, scheduled restarts and other relevant events.

AlwaysUp leverages the Windows Services architecture to provide robust, low-level application control in a secure environment. As a Windows Service, your application can start automatically when the computer boots, survive user logons/logoffs, and run entirely without user intervention.

No programming is required!

Key Features
Runs your application (executable, batch file or shortcut) 24x7 as a Windows Service
Very easy to use
Constantly monitors your application and restarts it whenever it fails
Able to detect and restart "misbehaving" applications that hang, hog the CPU or consume too much memory
Able to start your application as the system boots, to run when no user is logged in and to run despite logon/logoffs -- all to guarantee uptime without manual user intervention
Able to restart your application (or reboot the computer) at a scheduled time
Able to boost your application's priority to ensure that it gets preferential treatment on the host computer
e-mails you with details of crashes, restarts and other problems
Supports the integration of your own custom "sanity check" utilities, executed regularly to test if your application is functioning normally or not
Automatically dismisses common "Application error" dialog boxes that prevent crashed applications from fully exiting
Automatically dismisses Debug dialog boxes and logs the dialog box text for subsequent review by developers -- thus facilitating the deployment of applications in "Debug mode"
The intuitive GUI makes it easy to set up your application, but no GUI is necessary once your application has been configured.
Leverages the Windows Services API to achieve robust, low-level application control in a secure environment
Reports all activities to the Windows Event Log
Very efficient; demands minimal CPU & memory resources
No programming required!

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Цитата | Quote(new AlwaysUp)
New Features
    Added hourly options for restarting the application.
Fixes & Improvements
    Don't stop the application when the startup type is changed to "Disabled".
    Allow a running disabled service to be stopped.
    Send an email when the application and service are being stopped.
    Wait a bit longer for emails to be sent.
    Show the application's file name, version number, modified date and company name in the "running" tooltip.
    Link to our website when configuring the sanity check feature, email.
    Provide extra help on the registration window.
    Better processing of SCM messages recorded in the System Event Log.
    Give long-running services a bit more time to stop when the system is shutting down.

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