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SyncBackPro 9.5.5, создание резервных копий, professional Back Sync files
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2BrightSparks SyncBackPro

SyncBack - удобный и мощный инструмент, который поможет быстро создавать резервные копии данных. Поддерживается работа как на локальном компьютере, так и через FTP сервер. Важные для пользователя данные с помощью этой программы можно записывать на CD-RW диски и CompactFlash карты. После инсталляции SyncBack Pro интегрируется в контекстное меню Проводника, что позволяет быстро создать копию важного файла или синхронизировать каталог. Настройки программы весьма понятны, если в чём-то вы затрудняетесь, то внимательно смотрите за всплывающими подсказками или читайте подробное справочное руководство. Среди возможностей SyncBackPro стоит выделить интеграцию с Windows Task Scheduler, детализированные логи в формате HTML, работа с несколькими копиями, фильтр файлов, проверка копий и т.д.

SyncBackPro, the professional's tool to backup, synchronize, and restore data files.

SyncBackPro for Windows is used by individuals, small businesses, and mission critical organizations throughout the world including law enforcement agencies, hospitals, and government departments.

Install SyncBackPro on a Windows computer and backup your data across multiple operating systems using SyncBack Touch (licensed separately). SyncBack Touch works with Windows, macOS (Apple), and Android (Mobile phones and Devices).

SyncBackPro, the most powerful backup and synchronization utility in its class. Version 8 yet again increases the number of cloud services supported and improves on the existing cloud support.

Transfer media files to and from portable devices automatically. Backup your pictures, music files and movies. With notifications about profile runs, creation etc. scripting functions, and automatic drive failure detection (S.M.A.R.T.), SyncBackPro delivers the complete backup solution.

SyncBackPro, together with SyncBack Touch provide an outstanding multi-platform (Windows, macOS and Android) backup solution.

SyncBackPro also connects to the SyncBack Management System (SBMS) which makes monitoring and managing remote backups a whole lot easier and more secure.

Homepage: 2brightsparks.com

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SyncBack Freeware

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SyncBackSE v4.5.15.0 6,44 mb

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SyncBackSE v5.1.0.0 (Aug 2008)

7.65 МБ, serial в комплекте wink.gif

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SyncBackPro v5.0.1.0 7,69 mb

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SyncBack Pro v5.3.0.18 8,5 mb

Changes in Version (February 2009):
New: Profiles can now share some settings, e.g. FTP connection settings
New: Option to use HOST command with virtual hosts (FTP)
New: Option to use LIST command without parameters (FTP)
New: %MONTHOFQUARTER% variable
New: Can prompt for passwords, e.g. FTP login password, instead of storing them in the profiles settings
New: Groups can be part of other groups
Fixed: Confusion when setting not to minimize to tray on close but does if previously told it to via dialog and not to prompt again
Fixed: When deleting files from FTP it was not trying to CHMOD the files so that can be deleted if told permission denied
Fixed: Connection not timing out when using SFTP
Fixed: File and folder selections not recorded correctly with files and folders that have leading spaces in their name
Fixed: Will immediately abort the profile run if the connection to the FTP server is lost and cannot reconnect
Fixed: File date & time set correctly with zFTPServer when using SFTP (note: at time of writing you must use unstable version of zFTPServer)
Fixed: Item heights on file prompt window
Fixed: Sometimes did not know if running from USB or firewire drive
Fixed: FTP XCRC bug with Serv-U FTP server
Fixed: Was not deleting files being moved to Zip files
Fixed: Run on changes re-enabled for Windows 2000
Fixed: Description of when files are skipped based on last modified/created date
Fixed: To avoid confusion defaults cannot be used on decisions files and folders settings page
Fixed: Remembers unzip passwords so does not keep prompting if password is already known
Fixed: Problems with SFTP servers where base directory does not begin with a backslash
Fixed: NTFS security copied if file system says it supports ACLs (previously only did this if real NTFS was used)
Fixed: Can now use equals (=) in value for user defined profile variables
Fixed: Tries to detect SMTP servers that do not like to say HELO or have problems with IP addresses being used with HELO
Fixed: Not deleting destination versions in some cases when using Fast Backup profiles
Fixed: Not displaying file prompts or differences window on 64-bit Windows when alternative shell is used
Fixed: Some internal SyncBack variables not expanded in Fast Backup rescan evaluation
Updated: Automatic filename translation when using FTP to avoid problems with invalid filenames
Updated: When using FTP or SFTP, initial connect will use the retry attempts number in the FTP settings instead of 5 times
Updated: Safe copy filenames will not use certain extensions, e.g. EXE, to avoid problems with security software
Updated: Will try to correct/fix NTFS security on folder where program settings are stored
Updated: Error message given in SyncBackSE if attempt to use a SyncBackPro serial number is made
Updated: The profile pause is not done if the profile is run on Windows shutdown/logoff
Updated: Can force file and folder selection tree to show source and destination files
Updated: Help file

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SyncBackup Pro

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