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WinSCP 5.19.3, Графический клиент SFTP, WebDAV, FTP client
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Цитата | Quote(winscp.net)
WinSCP - это графический клиент SFTP для Windows с открытым исходным кодом. Он также поддерживает [устаревший] протокол SCP. Предназначен для защищённого копирования файлов между компьютером и серверами, поддерживающими эти протоколы.
Перед Вами - краткое введение в WinSCP для русскоязычных пользователей. Значительная часть документации по WinSCP существует только на английском языке, и большинство ссылок отсюда ведут туда.
» Возможности программ «

WinSCP is an open source free SFTP client, FTP client, WebDAV client, S3 client and SCP client for Windows. Its main function is file transfer between a local and a remote computer. Beyond this, WinSCP offers scripting and basic file manager functionality.

▲ Graphical user interface (screenshots)
▲ Translated into many languages
▲ Integration with Windows (drag&drop, URL, shortcut icons, jump list)
▲ All common operations with files
▲ Support for SFTP and SCP protocols over SSH and FTP and WebDAV and S3 protocols
▲ Batch file scripting and command-line interface and .NET assembly for advanced programming tasks
▲ Directory synchronization in several semi or fully automatic ways
▲ Integrated text editor
▲ Shares site settings with PuTTY
▲ Support for password, keyboard-interactive, public key and Kerberos (GSS) authentication
▲ Integrates with Pageant (PuTTY authentication agent) for full support of public key authentication with SSH
▲ Explorer and Commander interfaces
▲ Optionally protects stored site information with master password
▲ Optionally supports portable operation using a configuration file in place of registry entries, suitable for operation from removable media

Martin Prikryl (www.prikryl.cz)
Home: winscp.net
License: Freeware (GPL)
Language: MultiLang (Rus)
Platforms: Windows 7/8/10

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WinSCP 4.0.6

WinSCP 4.0.6

U3 version launches by default PuTTY for U3 and saves settings to its registry key.
Access denied errors upon implicit writing to an INI file are ignored (it is expected that user made the file read-only deliberately).
Drag and drop on 64-bit systems is working (was actually implemented for testing purposes in 4.0.5 already).
When parsing directory listing, “at” sign after permissions is silently ignored
INI file is being saved only when there was a change made.
Bug fix: WinSCP has not allowed ending of Windows session (Log off, Shut down, etc.).
Bug fix: Last line of authentication banner may have been incorrectly listed on authentication window.
Bug fix: When prompt was displayed while reconnecting session with internal editor focused, it was not possible to focus the prompt input box.
Bug fix: WinSCP was ignoring external requests to resize its window (particularly Cascade, Tide Horizontally and Tide Vertically taskbar commands).
Bug fix: WinSCP hanged when authentication prompt was displayed while “timeout” message was shown.
Bug fix: With some servers, it was not possible to remove a directory because WinSCP made the directory current before deletion.
Bug fix: INI file was uselessly being saved also when opened for reading only.
Bug fix: Improved compatibility with MSVDM. Main window no longer minimize into small window caption.
Bug fix: Quotes around string options saved to an INI files were duplicated.
Bug fix: Reference to dragext.dll was not released once not used.
Bug fix: Directory content cache was not reset after timestamp synchronization.
Bug fix: When specifying session using ftp:// URL, correct port 21 is used by default.
Bug fix: When URL of translator was not specified, stray URL was used instead.

Size: ~ 1.93 MB



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WinSCP 4.0.7

- While downloading trailing space in filenames is replaced with %20, as Windows does not allow them.
- Bug fix: Occasional failure while closing console window.
- Bug fix: Empty directories were not created on upload with FTP.
- Bug fix: Choosing between opening session in current or new window using Shift key was not working properly.
- Bug fix: When cancelling moving of local file to remote directory with FTP protocol, local source file was removed.
- Bug fix: Overwrite confirmations could not be suppressed for FTP protocol.
- Bug fix: It was possible to import “WinSCP temporary session” back to WinSCP.

Твой софтовый форумCкачать ~ 1.93 Mb

Твой софтовый форум

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WinSCP Portable 4.0.7

WinSCP Portable 4.0.7

is an open source free SFTP client and FTP client for
Windows. Legacy SCP protocol is also supported. Its main
function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote
New in this release:

- WinSCP updated to 4.0.7
- Shorter splash screen

Size: ~ 1.49 MB


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WinSCP 4.1 Beta

4.1 beta

» Version History «

Size: ~ 1.92 MB


Группа: СуперМодераторы

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WinSCP 4.1.3 Beta

What's New:

Bug fix: Scripting command synchronize ignored local directory parameter.
Bug fix: Failure when closing.

Size: ~ 2.11 MB


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WinSCP 4.2.1 Beta

Version History
This is list of changes for each release of WinSCP. See also project history.

4.2.1 beta
Bug fix: It was not possible to open Preferences dialog. 381
Bug fix: Error message was appearing during installation. 382

» Version History «

Size: ~ 2.21 MB


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WinSCP 4.1.9 / 4.2.2 beta

Version History
This is list of changes for each release of WinSCP. See also project history.
» Version History 4.2.2 beta (2009-06-28) «
» Version History 4.1.9 (hotfix) (2009-04-23) «

[b]WinSCP 4.2.2 beta (Released: 2009-06-28) / 4.1.9 (Released: 2009-04-23)
Installation package / Portable executable

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WinSCP 4.2.5

Bug fix: When master password changing was canceled, message informing about successful change appeared anyway.
Bug fix: No help was associated with Security tab of Preferences dialog.
Bug fix: Passwords in default session settings were not re-encrypted when master password was changed.
Bug fix: Empty session password were in rare situation encrypted using master password, what caused seemingly useless prompts for master passwords.
Bug fix: WinSCP did not offer to unset read-only flag when overwriting local files anymore.

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WinSCP 4.2.8

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