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HandBrake 1.4.1, Отличный конвертор DVD to MPEG-4 converter
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Твой софтовый форум

HandBrake - открытое мультиплатформенное ПО, предназначенное для качественного конвертирования DVD в MPEG-4. Любой DVD видео ресурс может быть свободно переконвертирован в формат MP4, MKV, AVI или OGM. Программа обладает всеми необходимыми средствами, имеющимися в арсенале платных аналогов.

HandBrake is an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 converter, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows.

Supported sources:

Any DVD-like source: VIDEO_TS folder, DVD image or real DVD (encrypted or unencrypted, but protection methods other than CSS are not supported and must be handled externally with third-party software), and some .VOB and .TS files
AC-3, DTS, LPCM or MPEG audio tracks


File format: MP4, MKV, AVI or OGM
Video: MPEG-4 or H.264 (1 or 2 passes or constant quantizer/rate encoding)
Audio: AAC, MP3, Vorbis or AC-3 pass-through (supports encoding of several audio tracks)

Misc features:

Chapter selection
Basic subtitle support (burned into the picture)
Integrated bitrate calculator
Picture deinterlacing, cropping and scaling
Grayscale encoding


HandBrake uses a lot of (L)GPL librairies from the Linux world:

liba52 (AC3 decoding)
libavcodec (picture cropping, scaling and deinterlacing, MPEG-4 encoding)
libdvdcss (CSS decryption)
libdvdread (DVD navigation)
libfaac (AAC encoding)
libmp3lame (MP3 encoding)
libmp4v2 (MP4 muxing)
libmpeg2 (MPEG-2 decoding)
libogg (OGM muxing)
libsamplerate (audio resampling)
libvorbis (Vorbis encoding)
libx264 (H264 encoding)
libxvidcore (MPEG-4 encoding)

Language: English
License: FreeWare
Home: handbrake.fr

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Группа: СуперМодераторы

Сообщений: 8.019
HandBrake 0.9.4

Changes between 0.9.3 and 0.9.4:
5 Core:
7 * New build system, allowing 64-bit binaries (around 10% faster)
8 * Soft subtitles and Closed Captions:
9 - DVD Closed Captions
10 - ATSC Closed Captions
11 - SRT subtitle import
12 - Text soft subtitles in MP4 and MKV output
13 - Bitmap soft subtitles in MKV output
14 * Better support for DVD inputs:
15 - Uses libdvdnav
16 - DVD angles support
17 - Workaround for libdvdread malloc bomb on invalid PGC entry
18 - DVD drive region detection support in Linux
19 - Handles DVD programs with more than 16 streams
20 - No longer tries to detect and discard duplicate titles when scanning
21 - Libdvdnav patched to perform read error recovery
22 - Libdvdread patched to allow raw device access in Windows
23 - Handles poorly mastered DVDs that had the menus ripped out of them
24 * Better support for non-DVD inputs:
25 - Preserves MP4 metadata
26 - TrueHD
27 - DTS-HD demuxing
28 - 8 bit audio
29 - Better handling of transport streams where audio starts first
30 - Better handling of transport streams that have been spliced together, leading to duplicate timestamps
31 - Better VC-1 frame detection
32 - Fixes bug that was causing one sec. of audio to be dropped on many ffmpeg files
33 - Looks harder for aspect ratio info from DV sources
34 - No longer truncates the last (dummy) chapter
35 - Allows specifying field parity for detelecine and decomb
36 * Better AV sync
37 * Support for sources with no audio
38 * DTS passthrough for MKV
39 * x264 bumped from r1169 to r1347, which means speed optimizations, new default settings (see r2742 commit comment), the magic of macroblock tree rate control (mbtree), a new CRF curve (meaning you will get different, generally lower bitrates at the same RF, with similar quality metrics), and weighted P-Frames (disabled by default for Baseline encodes and the AppleTV preset).
40 * Better sample interleaving
41 * Better, optional deinterlacer for decomb (EEDI2)
42 * New mode structure for the decomb filter
43 * Variable verbose logging levels
44 * Fixed timing for first two frames coming out of filters
45 * Libtheora bumped to 1.1.0
46 * Improvements to our theora implementation (2 pass encoding + soft target rate control)
47 * Caters to Theora's insistence on content having mod16 framing dimensions specified
48 * Flushes LAME encoder's final packets
49 * Fixed interjob framerate calculation
50 * Fixed pthreads regression in cygwin
51 * Tweaks for packaging tools
52 * Solaris 10 build support
54 All interfaces:
56 * Live video preview
57 * New subtitle tab
58 * New filters and picture settings inspector
59 * Custom anamorphic mode
60 * Updated Sparkle
61 * Custom number of preview images
62 * Quality slider now works off actual rate factor/quantizer values instead of percentages
63 * Partially updated advanced x264 tab
64 * New built-in presets
65 * Use libdvdnav by default on DVD sources
66 * Removed Constant QP encoding option for x264 (use CRF)
67 * Various bug fixes and UI tweaks
68 * x264 turbo 1st pass mode now uses subme=2 not subme=1
79 Windows:
81 * New audio tab
82 * AAC audio source decoding bug fixed
83 * Tray minimization is now optional
84 * Queue can now be started from main window
85 * Growl for Windows notification support
86 * General UI improvements
87 * Preset import
88 * Preferred language control for audio dubs and subtitles
89 * Fixed file extensions resetting to m4v when enabling chapter markers in mkv
90 * Faster updating of GUI elements from CLI data
91 * Cleanup / Improved some of the programs options. (Growl, use m4v, drive detection)
92 * Numerous fixes in the Picture Settings Panel and CLI Query Handling code.
93 * Bug Fixes and Usability improvements.

Size: ~ 4.66 MB


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Сообщений: 12.045
HandBrake 0.9.5

Размер: 5,73 МБ.

Группа: Наши Люди

Сообщений: 12.045
HandBrake 0.9.6

» Нажмите, для открытия спойлера | Press to open the spoiler «

Размер: 6,87 МБ.

Группа: Наши Люди

Сообщений: 12.045
HandBrake 0.10.2

Размер: 15,26 МБ.

Размер: 16,19 МБ.

Группа: Наши Люди

Сообщений: 12.045
HandBrake 0.10.5

Thursday, Feb 11, 2016

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we can no longer include binary distributions of HandBrake which include the FDK-AAC encoder.
Please also be aware that if you are distributing any previous 0.10.x you must cease doing so now due to licensing issues.
Release Highlights
- Removal of FDK AAC from our binary releases. --enable-fdk is required for "non-free" builds if compiling from source.
- Updated x265 to 1.9 which brings bug fixes and performance improvements.
- Few minor bug fixes since the 0.10.3 release. This includes improvements in large AVI file handling.

HandBrake 0.10.3 Released
Friday, Jan 22, 2016

"Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering." - Bill Gates

0.10.3 marks our 4th release of our 0.10.x branch. This provides another set if fixes for common bugs that have been raised over the last few months. All going well this will be the last bug fix release for this branch as we look to finish up the major 1.0 release. More details on this will follow in the coming months.

We would also like to again remind everyone that handbrake.fr is the only official place to download HandBrake. If you do download it from another website, we highly recommend that you verify your download against the SHA1 checksums provided via the download page.
Release Highlights
- Various bug fixes for all platforms and the core engine.
- Updated x265 to 1.8 which brings numerous bug fixes and some performance improvements.

Размер: 14,8 МБ.

Размер: 15,8 МБ.

Группа: Наши Люди

Сообщений: 12.045
HandBrake 1.0.7

Размер: 9,62 МБ.

Размер: 9,98 МБ.

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Сообщений: 24.357
HandBrake 1.3

- HandBrake is now translated into many more languages
- Redesigned queue UI
- Removed Windows Mobile presets
- Improved log output by silencing many lines at standard log level
- Improved quality of Gmail presets slightly
- Added Playstation 2160p60 4K Surround preset (supports PS4 Pro)
- Added Discord and Discord Nitro presets

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Сообщений: 24.357
HandBrake 1.3.2

Fixed point to point end detection in certain scenarios (#2603)
Improved support for H.265 video in AVI container produced by some security cameras (#2622)
Added logging to identify problematic sources where container and video track pixel aspect ratios differ
Added logging to help debug potential JSON API issues

Download (64 bit)

Download (64 bit Portable Zip)

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Сообщений: 24.357
HandBrake 1.3.3

Цитата | Quote(HandBrake)
    Fixed ISO 639-2/B language codes not set correctly in MKV (affects Hebrew, Indonesian, Javanese, and Yiddish) (#2903)
    Improved support for sources where pixel format cannot be quickly identified, e.g. due to delayed video track start (#2893)
    Added logging to identify where hardware support is disabled
    Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements
    Improved Intel QSV memory footprint by eliminating a buffer pool (#2675)
    Improved Intel QSV H.265 memory buffer size as required by newer Intel Media SDK (#2862)
    Fixed and improved Intel QSV in various situations, especially hardware decoding (#873, #2660, #2661, #2829)
    Fixed full range video being not being identified as limited range after conversion where filters are used (#2859)

Download (64 bit)

Download (64 bit Portable Zip)

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