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Helium Music Manager 15.0.1 Premium, Менеджер музыкальных файлов, music cataloger, Manager
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Helium Music Manager Premium

описание (rus) Профессиональный каталогизатор музыкальных файлов. Имеет возможность каталогизации не только файлов, но и медийных носителей - Audio CD, виниловые пластинки, компакт касетты и т.д. Имеет возможность проигрывания файлов и дргугого музыкального контента, как через внутренний встроенный плеер, так и через плееры: Windows Media Player, WinAMP (2.x или 5.x), iTunes. Поддерживает удаленное администрирование по http протоколу с помощью встроенных средств.
Программа имеет многоязычный интерфейс
Программа, поддерживает работу с CUE файлами, позволяя работать с образами дисков, как с отдельными треками.

description (eng) A music cataloger, tag editor, cd ripper, audio converter, mp3 and flac analyzer, duplicate finder, player and music scrobbler - all in one. It's a little bit of everything. It's free. Get more from your music collection. Get Helium today!
Helium has everything you need!

Why mess with a lot of different tool for cataloging, tagging, playing or renaming files when you only need one?

Getting started with Helium is very easy - simply install it and then import your digital audio files. After the initial import is done you can start to browse your collection using all various browse mode and work with all powerful tools that are included. Quickly use the powerful search capabilities to locate specific artists, albums or tracks. Adjust and correct data of your files and manage your album and artist pictures in a batch.

Helium offers many quick and simple operations to handle your music collection, but it does not stop there. You can also interact with Helium via its scripting API. The scripting API allows you to execute specific operations via c# scripts to tracks, artists and albums in your collection.
Big collections - no problems!

We have designed Helium to be useful with collections ranging from small collections to large collections with several hundred thousands of tracks. Due to it's scalable design you can easily migrate from the default database enging to more powerful engines like SQL Server or MySql, stored either locally on the same machine as Helium or a remote machine for the optimal multi-user support.

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
Homepage: helium.fm
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Группа: Администраторы

Сообщений: 24.355
Helium Music Manager 15 Premium Edition + crack (patched)
Build 17796

Possibility to open Playlists in new windows which floats on top of the application. Opened Playlists will remain visible during view changes and allows drag and drop from other views to queue up tracks as well as drag and drop between playlists.
Reorganized main and context menus for a more optimized workflow. Menus are now much more logical in their order and what names that are being used on menu items.
Active track view (available from the visualizations menu), a new “fullscreen” view that shows rotating (optional) album and artist art with controllable speed plus lyrics for the track currently playing
Changed MariaDB/MySql database providers for better performance and stability.
Multiple improvements to the CD Ripper.
The Biography tab for the playing track contains artist and album image, linked artist information and editing shortcuts.
Rewritten Helium Remote and Streamer apps with multiple improvements.
Big improvements to the Optimize library feature:
Possibility to select which database optimization steps to be performed. This can greatly speed up the optimization on large databases, if you only wish to run certain optimizations.
A new optimization step that will remove all unused artists in the database. Unused artists can be left in the database either if they have previously been in the database but has been removed, or if an incorrectly names artist have been renamed (the old incorrectly named artist may still be there in that case). Some of these problems have only arised for users who have used Helium for a long period of time, through many different releases.
For long-time users of Helium, running a full library optimization can now greatly improve the stability and speed of the program since unused data can be removed while the actual database files are also optimized for best performance.

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Группа: Администраторы

Сообщений: 24.355
Helium Music Manager 15.0.1 Premium Edition + crack (patched)
Build 17805

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