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Min2Tray 1.7.9, свернуть и скрыть окно в системный трей
Дата обновления: 12.05.2020 - 00:46, перейти к новому сообщению

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Min2Tray - утилита для MS Windows NT и выше позволяет свернуть и скрыть окно в системный трей.

Min2Tray - a utility for MS WindowsTM NT and higher to minimize and hide a window to system tray area of taskbar as icon.
localization: English and German
utilizes the third (middle) mouse button if present
minimize a window by right clicking on its close button
user may define hotkeys for almost everything

BossKey: hide all visible windows (exceptions possible) with one keypress

StartupMinimize: auto-hide certain windows upon startup of Min2Tray

Тип лицензии: Freeware
Тип активации: Не требуется
Интерфейс: Multilanguage

Твой софтовый форум
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Программа замечательная, но не мультиязычная. Последняя версия 1.7.9

Цитата | Quote(Min2Tray)
+ new feature: use right mouse click on the close button of
  the window's titlebar to minimize it. this is not totally
  foolproof as we assume that the close button is always
  in the upper rightmost corner of the window, but then, who
  has a different setup on windows, anyways [thx franc]
+ added check for presence of 2-button mouse (Mac, anyone? :-)
+ from the path where is located use
  (if existing) as tray icon of the minimized window [thx franc]
* fixed bugs with middle mouse click behaviour on titlebar
  and on desktop if no window is visible
* replaced functions f_SubstEvilClass(), f_FindFile() and
  subroutine h_ChangeIcon by much faster routines from
  Forms Framework v0.8 by majkinetor (New BSD and GPLv2 licenses),
- removed option to add an application's window to "evil class"
  substitution list. superseded by new f_GetOwnerOrSelf()
  function that replaces f_SubstEvilClass()
. renamed Opt-Out/Opt-In modes to Blacklist/Whitelist modes
. Min2Tray.exe compiled with AutoHotkey v1.0.48.05

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