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OkMap Desktop 15.5.2, ПО для GPS-навигаторов, cartographic applications
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Твой софтовый форум

OkMap – мощное ПО для GPS-навигаторов, незаменимое средство для путешествий на яхте, катания на горном велосипеде, походов, геокэшинга, собирания грибов, охоты, рыбалки и просто путешествий.

Поддерживаемые форматы:
- Изображения: ecw, bmp, gif, jpg, png, tif и другие
- Карты drg: gfw, jgw, pgw, tfw, bpw
- Векторные данные: shp, dbf (Esri shape file); dcw (Digital Chart of World)
- Данные GPS: gpx (GPS Exchange Format); wpt, plt, rte (OziExplorer) и другие
- Данные DEM (digital earth model): hgt (SRTM-1 и SRTM-3)

Основные особенности программы OkMap:
• Калибровка векторных и растровых карт
• Создание собственных цифровых карт
• Отображение одновременно растровых карт и векторных данных
• Импорт цифровых векторных данных
• Цифровые модели местности для отображения возвышений на карте
• Загрузка и сохранение отметок, маршрутов и др. в формате GPX
• Загрузка информации с GPS-устройства
• Навигация в режиме реального времени по протоколу NMEA
• Отображение Google Earth и Google Maps
• Обмен данными с Google Earth и сервером gpsgate.com
и многое другое!

OkMap is a suite of cartographic applications (for Windows, iPad, iPhone) for professional activities in the field, outdoor sports, and your enjoyment in the nature (search and rescue, trekking, mountain bike, 4WD, geocaching and much more).
In the suite you can find a navigation system with offline maps and web maps, maps download from map servers, creation of custom maps to use with your GPS, design of trails on a map GPS, navigation with a compass, production of track statistics and track graphs and many others features.

OkMap is an interactive software which allows you to work on your computer screen with web maps or digital maps that you have either bought or scanned. OkMap can also import vectorial data from the most common formats and DEM data relevant to height information.

Through these maps, you can organize your paths by creating waypoints, routes and tracks on your computer monitor, and upload this data to your GPS. OkMap sets automatically altitude data and estimates travel times. Furthermore OkMap serial provides you also with autorouting and geocoding functions.

Data collected by your GPS can be downloaded on your computer, stored and displayed on the maps. They can also be used to create different types of statistics.

By connecting a GPS to your laptop, you can plot your position on maps in real-time. If you are connected to the network you can constantly send your position to a remote computer, or receive the position of your companions on your computer and display the related tracks on maps in real time.

OkMap 13 can also interface Google Maps and Google Earth. With Google Maps you can view maps and data of your interest. With Google Earth you can view your paths and your maps in 3D also.

OkMap crack include a feature to generate automatically compatible Garmin Custom Maps (KMZ format) and maps in OruxMaps format. This feature includes map tiling from and to different image file formats (including ECW map format). It's possible select KML extensions 2.2 (if GPS supports them), the JPEG quality, the image resizing, the KML transparency, the draw order, and so on. You can also select the tiles to generate in output. This feature support not north oriented maps also.

Supported formats OkMap
Images: ECW, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF and many others
Load maps: GFW, JGW, PGW, TFW, BPW (World file); ECW (Earth Resource Mapping - map with UTM projection are automatically georeferenced); KML/KMZ (Google Earth, Garmin Custom Maps); JNX Birdseye (one level, small maps); GeoTiff; OziExplorer; CompeGps; GPS TrackMaker; RMap; MBTiles; OruxMap; GpsTuner
Save maps: GeoTiff; World file; Garmin custom maps; KML/KMZ; JNX Birdseye; OziExplorer; OruxMaps; TomTom map overlays; GpsTuner
Maps tiling: Garmin custom maps; KML, KMZ, JNX, OruxMaps, TomTom map overlays and OkMap 13 crack
Vectorial data: SHP, DBF (Esri shape file); DCW (Digital Chart of World)
GPS data: GPX; CompeGPS, EasyGPS, Fugawi, Garmin, Geocaching LOC, Google Earth (KML/KMZ), GPS TrackMaker, OpenStreetMap, OziExplorer and many others formats thanks to the software GpsBabel
DEM data: HGT (SRTM-1 and SRTM-3)

Supported GPS devices
Upload/download: all new GPS devices that are handled as a mass storage device + Brauniger IQ series, DeLorme PN20/30/40, Garmin, GlobalSat DG-100/DG-200/BT-335, Holux M-241, Magellan, MiniHomer, MTK Logger, NaviGPS GT-11/BGT-11, SysTraq Venus, Wintec WBT-100/200
NMEA navigation: all GPS devices that support Nmea 0183 protocol

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OkMap 15.4.1 + crack (patched)

Track point and route waypoint info box: Added: distance, azimuth and inverse azimuth from previous point.
Maps: Context menu Generate: Added "Inverse Azimith" indicator.
Maps: Context menu Coordinates - Show compass: Compass in different colors (customizable in Preferences - Maps).
View - Redraw menu: Updates, in addition to the drawing of the map also: Statusbar, Menu, File manager (if they are misaligned).
Added EPSG 4087 projection: "WGS 84 / Plate carree".
FIX: Utilities - GPX - Track statistics / Track performance: Enabled only if there are tracks in at least one loaded file.

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Группа: Администраторы

Сообщений: 23.240
OkMap 15.5 + crack (patched)

Цитата | Quote(OkMap 15)
    Calculation of the X and Y scale of the map: Increased the accuracy of the calculation.
    View map information: Added file name, map corners coordinates and map center coordinates.
    Map Merge: Added a field to specify the map to merge.
    Map merge: Added the ability to merge maps via GDAL.
    Select projection/datum, Select datum, Map warping: Added "EPSG" filter.
    Select datum: Added "Area" filter.
    Datum list and Predefined projection list: Changed the wording "Id." with "EPSG".
    FIX: Loading map in GeoTiff format: Priority is given to the presence of the ModelTransformationTag tag.
    FIX: Loading map in ECW format: Incorrect reporting in case of unsupported projections.
    FIX: Save map in GeoTiff format (and consequently in GDAL formats): The ModelTransformation tag is created to manage maps not oriented north.
    FIX: Save map in GeoTiff format: Did not delete the GeoTiff tags contained in the map before writing the new tags.
    FIX: Save map in GeoTiff format: The format appeared twice in the list.
    FIX: Save map in World file format: Create WKT file: Filter maps with custom projection or without EPSG projection code.
    FIX: Map indexing: OruxMap maps with .xml extensions but different from .otrk2.xml are discarded.
    FIX: Map warping: Check that the loaded map has a projection with EPSG code.
    FIX: Map warping: Only the projections with EPSG projection code are proposed in output.
    FIX: File - Load - Map: The message "Loading ..." appears while loading the map.
    FIX: View function - Redraw: the function was also enabled during the map calibration.
    FIX: New map calibration: The size of the panel was insufficient.

Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

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Группа: Администраторы

Сообщений: 23.240
OkMap Desktop 15.5.1 + crack (patched)

Download DEM data from okmap.org.
Map tiling: If north orientation is required, it is signaled with a warning message that allows you to continue.

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Группа: Администраторы

Сообщений: 23.240
OkMap 15.5.2 + crack (patched)

EPSG database update to version 10.015.
Vector, tracks and routes lines: Increased maximum line thickness in pixels to 10.
File Manager: "Select map" context menu deleted.
FIX: Error in the Hotine Oblique Mercator and Oblique Mercator formulas.
FIX: Web maps: Increase performance in the presence of vector data.
FIX: Web maps: Smoother movement.
FIX: Error displaying vector map information.

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Трудно найти слова, когда действительно есть что сказать. Э.М. Ремарк