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VMGSim 10, расчёт ёмкостного оборудования, thermodynamic simulator
Дата публикации: 08.10.2018 - 20:08

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Schlumberger VMGSim

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описание (ru) VMGSim позволяет выполнять расчёт ёмкостного оборудования - оценка размеров двух и трёхфазных сепараторов выполняется непосредственно в окне модели аппарата.
По каждому спроектированному аппарату выгружаются опросные листы, формат которых редактируется пользователем. Рассчитанные габариты учитываются автоматически при переключении модели в динамический режим.

description (en) VMGSim is used around the world to model existing processes and to design new facilities from the ground up.
With over 20,000 chemicals, more than 80 thermodynamic property packages and hundreds of unit operations, VMGSim license key provides unparalleled model sophistication and precision, giving you more time to solve processing challenges creatively.
As a result, you'll find innovative ways to increase the value of your product while reducing your operating costs and wasted material.
Let VMGSim serial be like your own engineering advisor: propagating information, anticipating your questions, and suggesting effective methods for model development and exploration.
Better still, it builds your models based on rigorous thermodynamic relationships and needs only the information absolutely required to do so, saving you time and processing power.

Real-time process calculations
Experiment with different equipment configurations in your simulation models to see the effects of changes to the whole system instantly and economically.
VMGSim crack does this by instantly calculating process changes, intelligently propagating information, and continually monitoring degrees of freedom when you modify any unit operation parameters or process conditions.

Bi-directional information propagation
Model your plants using a relatively small number of inputs because VMGSim can extract only the most useful information from your data. That information is then spread throughout your flowsheet automatically, allowing you to develop creative solutions to extremely difficult problems you may not be able to easily solve using traditional sequential simulators.
VMGSim tracks all of your data inputs, making it possible to immediately see what was added to the system and the result. The bi-directional information propagation capability also eliminates the need for artificial recycle blocks and simultaneous convergence of recycles and controllers throughout your flowsheet.

Automatic degrees of freedom monitoring
VMGSim 10 crack is a true Gibbs-based simulator that is capable of monitoring each variable’s state and its thermodynamic significance. By means of the Gibbs phase rule, with enough degrees of freedom fulfilled, calculations are automatically completed and the results transmitted throughout your flowsheet.
Simulations are automatically recalculated every time you change the value of a variable without the need for special estimates. You can now concentrate on understanding your process while VMGSim handles the math.

Interface languages: En
OS: Windows 10/8/7 (32bit-64bit)
Homepage: virtualmaterials.com
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Mirror / Зеркало
Mirror / Зеркало

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